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F-Stop Color Kit Aloe Green

Make your F-stop backpack unique with this F-Stop Color Kit. With two Gatekeeper straps, ten zip pullers and a heavy duty handle wrap, you can personalise your gear. Choose a colour that differs from your backpack colour and stand out! Or go for the same color for a nice whole.

Zipper pullers
The zipper pullers on your F-stop backpack are easily and quickly replaced.

Handle wrap
The heavy duty handle wrap is used for the handle on the back. With strong Velcro you can fasten the wrap in no time. Thanks to the wrap, you can hold the bag better and more comfortably.

Gatekeeper straps
Use the Gatekeeper straps to attach extra accessories to your F-Stop backpack. For example, attach an extra bag on top of your backpack!



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€ 37,95 *
Price per unit
Quantity: Order
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