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“When people ask what equipment I use, I tell them my eyes” - Ansel Adams - photographer (USA 1902-1984)


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Godox QS800II Studio Flash

The Godox QS800II Studio Flash comes with a built-in 2.4G X wireless system. With this you can not only trigger the flash head but you can also set the power, thanks to the optional X1 Trigger, X PRO, XT16 and FT16 power remotes. The QS800II has a recycling time of 0.3 to 1.5 seconds and a flash duration of 1/2000 to 1/800 of a second.

Simple and comfortable operation
The Godox QS800II is very easy to operate by means of the push buttons and the easy-to-read LCD screen on the back of the flash head. You can adjust the flash power in 50 steps from 1/32 to full. The setting lamp has a power of 150 watts and in brightness adjustable from 5 to 100%.

Features of the Godox QS800II

- Flash power of 800Ws
- Guide number of 90
- Colour temperature of 5600K - stable over the entire range
- Recycling time of approximately 0.3-1.5s
- Flash duration from 1/2000 to 1/800s
- Setting lamp of 150 Watt
- Built-in Godox 2.4G X wireless system
- Up to 16 slave units controllable
- Weight 3,9 Kg.

- 14cm X 26cm X 51cm​​​​​​​
- Bowens mount



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€ 485,00 *
Price per unit
Quantity: Order
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