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“When people ask what equipment I use, I tell them my eyes” - Ansel Adams - photographer (USA 1902-1984)


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Godox QS800 II Studio Flash portrait KIT

The portrait kit consists of 2 flash heads, 2 air suspension stands up to 400cm and 2 Deep Parabolic (Speed) Softboxes 120cm. 
The QS800II flash heads are equipped with the built-in wireless 2.4G X system. This not only triggers the flash head but also adjusts the flash power thanks to the optional X1 Trigger, or the XT16 and FT16 power remotes. The QS800II has a recycling time of 0.3 to 1.5 seconds and a flash duration of 1/2000 to 1/800 of a second. 

Simple and comfortable operation

The operation of the Godox QS800II is very simple with the push buttons and the easy-to-read LCD display on the back of the QS800II. You can adjust the flash power in 50 steps from 1/32 to full. The setting lamp has a power of 150 watts and is adjustable in brightness from 5 to 100%.

Caruba LS-6 lamp stands

The air suspended LS-6 lamp stands consist of four sections. Each lamp stand weighs 3.1 kilograms and has a maximum height of 400 centimeters and a maximum load capacity of 8 kilograms. At the top there is a universal spigot attachment.

Caruba Deep Parabolic Softboxes

The Caruba Deep Parabolic Softboxes have a diameter of 120 centimetres and are 80 centimetres deep. The softboxes come with a Bowens mount speed ring. With these softboxes you create an even and very soft light with a smooth transition to shadows. Ideal for portraits! The two included diffusers - one for the softbox and one for the opening - give you even more possibilities for soft light. The included carrying case can be opened both lengthwise and at the end.

Features of the Godox QS800II KIT

Flash power of 800Ws
Guide number of 90
Color temperature of 5600K
Recycling time of approximately 0.3-1.5s
Flash duration from 1/2000 to 1/800s
Setting lamp of 150 Watt
Built-in wireless Godox 2.4G X system
Up to 16 slave units controllable
With 2 softboxes and diffusers
Including lamp stands (118-400cm)
Weight 3,9 Kg.
14cm X 26cm X 51cm
Bowen's mount

This portrait KIT consists of:

2 Godox QS800 II Studio Speedlights
2 Caruba LS-6 lamp stands
2 Caruba Deep Parabolic Softboxes 120cm
Carrying case for softboxes
Standard reflector
Protective cover
Glass protective cover
Adjustment light
Power cord
Synchronization Cable
English manual


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€ 1.050,00 *
Price per unit
Quantity: Order

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