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“When people ask what equipment I use, I tell them my eyes” - Ansel Adams - photographer (USA 1902-1984)


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GODOX Witstro AD180
The Godox Witstro AD180 strobe is the ideal combination between a studio strobe and a reportage strobe. The AD180 combines an enormous flash power with a fast recycling time and therefore offers a lot of possibilities. The flash power is adjustable from 1/128 to full power in intermediate steps of 1/3.

This flash is 2 to 3 times more powerful than a standard report flash of equal size. The AD180 flash provides studio-quality light for location photography, either as a reportage flash or as an external flash. The AD180 is powered by an external power supply: the Propac Power Pack PB960.

- 180Ws
- Studio quality light
- Lightweight and portable flash ideal for location photography
- Full power up to 1/128 in 1/3 stop values (23 adjustments)
- Stable color temperture (5600 ±200K)
- Flash duration from 1/300 to 1/10,000 seconds
- LCD display
- Focus lamp (manual)
- Built-in optical slave cell (S1/S2)
- Beep tone flash when ready
- Strobe/Multi flash function (1-99HZ, 1-99 times)
- 5 ways to synchronize the WITSTRO with a camera, hotshoe mount, PC synchronization connection,
3.5mm sync socket, optical slave cell, FT-16 wireless trigger
- Up to 1/8000 second sync speed within full power up to 1/8 (with high speed trigger like Godox Cells II)
- Wireless Remote Control Manual Power Control - (with optional FT-16 radio triggers)
- Power supply by Godox PB960 Propac Power Pack (sold separately, see accessories)
- 900x full power flashes and 0.05-2.6 seconds for AD180
- No Overheating
- many consecutive flashes without overheating

Accessories included
- Flash tube (180Ws)
- Witstro AD180 flash
- PB960 Propac Power Pack
- Power supply cable (AD-S1)
- Charger
- Diffuser
- Flash foot
- Carrying strap
- Flash storageouch
- Manual White straw AD180 strobe
- Manual PB960 Propac Power Pack
- Two-year warranty



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€ 479,00 *
Price per unit
Quantity: Order
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