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“When people ask what equipment I use, I tell them my eyes” - Ansel Adams - photographer (USA 1902-1984)


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SMDV speedbox 80 + Bowens mount

The SMDV Alpha Speedbox-A80 is a 12-sided softbox with a diameter of 80 centimetres designed for use with modelling lamps with an output of up to 300 watts. The softbox is quick and easy to set up thanks to the patented quick-release speed ring. All you have to do is fold out the rods. The softbox can be folded up just as quickly by unlocking the rods with the pins on the back of the speed ring. By using the softbox, the light of the flash is softened and you get a better exposure of the subject.

Ideal for working on location!
The Alpha Speedbox design includes a double diffuser where the inner diffuser helps to soften the light even more and reduce hotspots. Both diffusers are detachable. The SMDV Speedbox is made of ripstop nylon to minimize wear and tear. The inside of the Speedlite softbox features a silver coating for maximum light reflection. The SMDV Alpha Speedbox is ideal for professional photographers who often work on location due to its ingenious and patented folding system.

- Patented collapsible quick-release speed ring for quick and easy setup
- Aluminium speed ring and steel rods, heat resistant for setting lamps up to 300 Watt
- Dodecagon (12-sided) softbox with a diameter of 80 centimeters
- Removable, high quality double diffuser for nice, soft illumination
- Bowens mount adapter

Accessories included
- Two diffusers
- Bowens mount adapter
- Carrying case




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€ 295,00 *
Price per unit
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