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ALPA HR Alpagon 4.0/32 mm, LB -

We offer this exceptionally beautiful lens for sale. We can safely say that this is the most beautiful "used" lens we had for sale so far. It was very rarely used by the previous owner and treated with much love. The lens is in absolute new condition without any traces of use. Very nice running Helical mount and perfect Copal shutter! The lens is tested by us on Phase One IQ3 Trichromatic and IQ150 backs. Lens may be tested here with us. Sell only to independent entrepreneurs or private persons after viewing / test. The lens can be converted to an SB version or electronic shutter as desired.

The lens is supplied inclusive:
  • HPF ring
  • original packing 
  • 2 lens lids
  • Optech lens protector
  • ALPA lens cloth
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Without 21%  VAT:  
6.800 euro (price incl. HPF ring)
New price is 9.024 ex. 21% VAT - 10.919 incl. 21% VAT. (price incl. HPF ring)


HR ALPAGON 32mm - the reference for architectural photography

For many reasons, the ALPAGON 32mm HR comes with a real exceptional position in the ALPA lens portfolio: Together with the HR ALPAGON 50mm and HR ALPAGON 90mm, it forms the "Holy Trinity" of the ALPA photographers. Its large 90mm image circle allows not only full adjustment ranges for perspective correction but also offer enormous potential for the stitching of single images: Our HR ALPAGON 32mm almost reaches the angle of view of the 23ers. Besides, the short barrel versions allow either the use of tilt/swing on a traditional ALPA or use on an ALPA 12 FPS.

Worldwide, the HR ALPAGON 32mm is the reference for architectural photographers, who appreciate it’s down to the edge of outstanding resolution. Optimized for resolution and freedom from chromatic aberration, it beautifully preserves the surface texture of facades and reproduces even the most exquisite architectural details. The radially symmetric distortion can be corrected well in post-processing (for example with the ALPA Lens Corrector).

Product remarks: Rodenstock / ALPA HR Alpagon 4.0/32 mm, LB, custom made for ALPA by Rodenstock.

Focal Length 32 mm
Focal Length effective 33.09 mm
Aperture 4 f
Image Circle 90 mm
Close Focus 0.40 m
Filter Thread 86 mm
... C O M P A R I S O N ...  
Comparable Focal Length @ 33x44 26 mm
Comparable Focal Length @ 40x54 21 mm
Lens Shift X @ 33x44 20 mm +/-
Lens Shift Y @ 33x44 23 mm +/-
Lens Shift X @ 40x54 13 mm +/-
Lens Shift Y @ 40x54 16 mm +/-
Best f stops digital f5.6 - f11
Best f stops film f8 - f22
... S H U T T E R ...  
Shutter Type Copal 0
Fastest Shutter Time 1/500 sec
Longest Shutter Time B, T, 1 sec
Fastest Flash Sync Time 1/500 sec
... D I M E N S I O N S ...  
Width 90 mm
Height 90 mm
Weight 990 g

Wij zijn sinds 2002 officiele ALPA Benelux dealer met veel know-how over ALPA. Wenst u een ALPA inclusief digitale achterwand van Phase One of Hasselblad aan te schaffen, dan kunt u hiervoor uiteraard ook bij ons terecht. ALPA leasen is ook mogelijk.



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€ 8.228,00 *
Price per unit
Quantity: Order
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