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“When people ask what equipment I use, I tell them my eyes” - Ansel Adams - photographer (USA 1902-1984)


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ALPA Schneider APO-DIGITAR  5.6/35 mm XL, LB -
nice AA / ++

Very nice original ALPA Schneider 35XL of which the complete history is known. This lens was occasionally used on a Seitz Roundshot D3 panorama camera. This camera was equipped with an electronic shutter so the Copal shutter on the lens itself was never used. Also, the lens was always set to infinity. Both Copal and Helical mount were never used. The lens was checked in January 2019, re-tuned and found to be in order by our ALPA colleague and also official Schneider service point Christoph Greiner. The lens shows very slight traces of use. Glass is of course clear, clean and dust-free. Shutter is as new and therefore free of grease etc. The 35XL (equivalent to Switar 36) is one of the most sold ALPA lenses. The offer as a second hand is reasonable but in most cases the Copal shutters are in need of replacement and that is a very expensive intervention.

The 35XL offered by us is rare in this condition. We rate this lens with AA/+++ because of small traces of use at the edges, technically the lens is AAA/++++ with nice running Helical mount and perfect Copal shutter! The lens has been tested on Phase One IQ3 Trichromatic* and IQ150 backs. Lens may be tested here with us.
*) at 100MP in zero position (no shift). The 35mm XL is a symmetrical lens which limits the use with shift adjustment on digital backs with CMOS sensor of 80-100MP due to the surface structure of these sensors. We always advise to make a LCC image prior to the final image. If you have such a digital back, please come and test it first. But ... This lens is again suitable for the new Phase One IQ4 150MP back. This has a different surface structure so that linited shift is possible again and the 35mm XL is therefore a cheap Wide angle lens.
The lens can be fitted with an HPF ring as desired.

The lens is supplied inclusive:
  • original packaging 
  • 2 lens lids
  • Optech lens protector
  • ALPA lens cloth

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Focal Length 35 mm
Focal Length effective 35.6 mm
Aperture 5.6 f
Image Circle 90 mm
Close Focus 0.35 m
Filter Thread 52 mm
... C O M P A R I S O N ...  
Comparable Focal Length @ 33x44  28mm
Comparable Focal Length @ 40x54  22mm
Lens Shift X @ 33x44  20mm +/-
Lens Shift Y @ 33x44 23mm +/-
Lens Shift X @ 40x54  13mm +/-
Lens Shift Y @ 40x54  16mm +/-
Best f stops digital f8 - f11
Best f stops film f8 - f16
... S H U T T E R ...  
Shutter Type Copal 0
Fastest Shutter Time 1/500 sec
Longest Shutter Time B, T, 1 sec
Fastest Flash Sync Time 1/500 sec
... D I M E N S I O N S ...  
Width 90 mm
Height 60 mm
Weight 319 g

Since 2002 we are official distributor of ALPA in the Benelux with a lot of know-how about ALPA. If you would like to purchase an ALPA including digital rear wall of Phase One or Hasselblad, you can of course also contact us. ALPA leasing is also possible.



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€ 2.400,00*
€ 1.900,00 *
Price per unit
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