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“When people ask what equipment I use, I tell them my eyes” - Ansel Adams - photographer (USA 1902-1984)


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Imitation is said to be the highest form of flattery. Perhaps that is why there are cameras which look similar to the ALPA 12 MAX. However, similarity does not make a copy into an original, but only into a possibly false promise. The ALPA 12 MAX is intended predominantly as a tripod camera; however, it is also just small and light enough also to be used as a hand-held camera. Its versatility is in particular demonstrated by a glance at the work of some of our customers on our website. The ALPA 12 MAX offers extensive shift options (perspective corrections) in vertical and horizontal directions simultaneously, without the lens being moved and without unwanted stereoscopic effects arising. Further fascinating photographic options are also available using the different ALPA tilt/swing adapters or simply software solutions. Stability, an ideal weight, a convenient size and very high precision combine in the ALPA 12 MAX to produce practical versatility at the highest possible level.

Product remarks: ALPA 12 MAX, with independent vertical and horizontal shift for handheld and tripod use, movements integrated: vertically 43 mm (+25 mm, -18 mm); horizontally 36 mm (r: 18 mm, l: 18 mm); with corresponding adapters tilt or swing movements of up to 5° are possible with lenses in the correct tube; with SB 34 lenses tilts or swings of even up to 10° feasible; stitching adapter available as an accessory, price without hand grip/s

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CAMERA SHIFT X 36mm (L18 R18mm)
CAMERA SHIFT Y 43mm (+25 -18mm)
WIDTH 180 mm
HEIGTH 205 mm
LENGTH 30 mm
WEIGHT 1200 g

Attention: We do not sell NEW ALPA equipment to Customers in Spain. Please contact our ALPA colleague Txomin Ruiz de Larramendi:  www.tx-lab.com

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€ 6.439,00 *
Price per unit
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